Re: Let dogs have their day too

From: Vassil Karloukovski
Message: 16086
Date: 2002-10-08

--- In cybalist@..., george knysh <gknysh@...> wrote:

> > menges had called sobaka "the satem version ko"pek "
> > (I think
> > in his book on the Igor tale).
> *****GK: This is very interesting indeed. Is there any
> reason why East Slavic should have changed the "k" to
> an "s" if the borrowing was relatively late? I'm aware
> of borrowings from Turkic into Ukrainian where the "k"
> is kept: e.g. kozak, karyj-kara etc..

Yusuf is not a member of this list and cannot post, but
I will re-post any reply from him.

BTW, just out of
> curiosity, Vassil, is your own family name not derived
> from a famous Turkic gens or tribe, the Karluks?*****

I don't think the Qarluqs had any dealings with the Balkans.
Bulgarian family names ending in -ski are usually derived
either from place names or from trades, and mine is not an
exception - a grandgrand...parent came from the village of
Karlukovo in NW B-ia. For 'Karluk/Karl&k' itself I have come
across two possible explanations - a type of eagle called
Karljuk, or the Turkish karl&k 'of snow'.