Re: sanskrit"bhuman"

From: tgpedersen
Message: 16049
Date: 2002-10-08

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> > hmmm. "all the earth" is not earth as globe and is not
> > properly "land"
> > Is this a compouse word ?
> > I guessesd this should be an evoultion from PIE bhudhm(e)n
> > `Boden'
> > What does speak against the possibility of this radical for
> > having an "t" at the end like *bhudhm(e)nt?
> No, *bHudH-m(e)n- (related e.g. to Skt. budHna- 'ground', as well
> to Eng. bottom, Ger, boden, Gk. putHme:n, Lat. fundus), and *bHuh2-m
> (e)n- (> IIr *bHu:man-, also *bHu:mi-, *bHu:mi: 'the earth, world',
> related to Gk. pHu:ma 'growth'), are two different words from
> different though similar-looking roots. *bHeuh2- meant 'grow,
> be'.
> Piotr

Unless of course -dH- (and -h2-) is (are) PIE suffixe(s).