Re: [tied]valah+nestor ( was for ignorants)

From: george knysh
Message: 15868
Date: 2002-10-02

--- alexmoeller@... wrote:
> [Moeller] Be serious George.. You do not really
> belive that in
> the XI century a ruthenian writer will write about
> events from
> 2 centuries implying there the slavonians and where?
> In
> Panonia, Thrace and Dacia. telling these lands
> belonged to
> slavs. No no, there is no another proiection in
> time.

*****GK: If you don't believe that the Primary
Chronicle wrote what it wrote, then neither I nor
anyone else can help you. Just find the text and read
it for God's sake instead of speculating.*****

> speak about more recents events and if we will think
> about
> these lands as beeing the lands of slavs, we cann
> asume just
> begingin with the V or VI century.

******GK: The fact remains that Nestor/Sylvester
asserted that the Slavs originally dwelt on the Danube
in the area of Hungary and Bulgaria (as these were in
the 12th c.) We know this to be largely untrue, but we
are dealing here with "theories" developed ca. 1100 AD
in Kyiv. And these "theories" contended that
"Vlachs"(=Romans, Italians) conquered some of these
areas even prior to the mythical trip of the Apostle
Andrew up the Dnipro. And stayed there with the Slavs
until the advent of the Bulgarians (7th c.) and the
Hungarians (9th c.) The Hungarians are supposed to
have chased most of these Vlachs out of their land.
Not so the Bulgarians. We can conclude from this that
in the eyes of the Kyivan chroniclers of the early
12th century, there were at that time many Vlachs in
Bulgaria (they had not been "chased out") and very few
in Hungary (including, of course Transylvania). We
don't have to necessarily accept these chroniclers'
"theories" about the past, but we can't refute their
perception of the present (1113/1116 AD)******

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