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From: george knysh
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Date: 2002-10-01

--- alexmoeller@... wrote:
> Goerge, you have the Nestor's cronicle there
> somewhere on your
> desk. I just try to remember well now about a
> statement of
> Nestor about Panonia and slavs.

*****GK: If you could get ahold of The Bukovynian
Journal (Bukovyns'kyj Zhurnal) for 1995 (ns. 3-4), you
would find an article by me (in Ukrainian) on
everything one can squeeze out of Nestor about the
Vlachs. The title is "The Rumanian question in the
light of the Tale of Bygone years" (pp. 97-119). The
BZh is a publication of the University of Chernivtsi
(Cernauti).=== I'm afraid I don't have time at the
moment to comment on your theories in detail. Keep in
mind that "Nestor" (actually it was Sylvester, his
continuator) pretty consistently mixed up Italians and
proto-Rumanians under the label "Vlachs". The Vlach
assault against the Slavs you refer to below is the
Roman conquest of Pannonia, Thrace, and Dacia in the
1rst and 2nd cs. AD. with the subsequently Slavonized
populations thereof retroactively treated as autochton
Slavs. The later Vlachs on both sides of the Danube
are viewed by them (N/S)as descendants of these Roman
conquistadors. It's a complex treatment, with many
interesting insights, and many erroneous perspectives
> It seems there was not a continuum of slavic pover
> but there
> was some big centres where the slavs put them
> together
> becoming strong and a big power. But it seems in
> Panonia this
> was not the case. So far I remeber Nestor says about
> the
> Hungarians which are brought by ruthenian people to
> a "land
> which once belonged to the slovenians (properly
> etonym of the
> old slavs in their language) which were overruned by
> valachs.Then the hungarian defeated the valahian and
> scattered
> them up, settling themselves there and intermingling
> with the
> slavs which remained ."

******GK: This (some of your details need correction)
is the Hungarian "landnaehme" as described s.a. 898 by

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