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>> >[Moeller]
>> >thank you fot this example Miguel. I see here the Vinereanu
>> >rules works again .from *kWasyo >rom. coS.
>> >Of course in DEX rom coS is a loan from slavic koSI but for
>> >is nice to see the rules work:-)
>> This is off-topic, but aren't those the same rules that said
>*kW > p?
>[Moeller] Yes . You are right. it is my mess here. The rulle
>will work if the radical is *kuosyo not *kWosyo.Hmm.. in
>albanian is a "coS" too.. what does speak about the radical
>beeing *kuosyo and not *kwosyo?

Slavic kos^I. If we take a root with *qua-, e.g. *qua:t-so-, we get Latin
ca:seus (with k-, not qu-) "cheese" and Slavic kvasU "kvas".

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal