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>The merger of *kt with *t is regular in Slavic (except before *i, when the
>whole cluster was palatalised: *kti > *tjI, as in *nokti- > *notjI
>'night'). In Danish, xt > t (as in nat 'night', let 'light', ret 'right';
>same in English, where only the spelling <gh> indicates the original
>pronunciation), so the words you cite represent the regular development of
>PGmc. *flext-.
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>What would cause the -k- to disappear from *pl-kt-?
>(BTW Da. fletning "braid", fletværk "wickerwork")

German dialects have preserved the /x/ in all these words:
"Nacht, licht/Licht, leicht, (ge)recht/Recht/richten/Richter,