well, contratry to my habit i did not mistyped in topic .
There is right the word "Ansanensi"
Constantin and Dinu Giurescu in the "History of romanians"
tell us about a dacian tribe which is not to find by
Ptolemeus, a tribe who was located on Somes and its name was
The authors do not mention ( unfortunately for me) any
identification point from CIL even if they say, the name of
this tribe is in a certain latin inscription.I have a book of
Emilian Popoescu with all inscriptions found in actualy
romania from sec IV until 1976 but I did not found anything
Sure, again Alex ask himself if there is any connection among
this name of "ansanensi" and the Asaneni from the time of
vlah-bulgarian empire... Ionitz√£ Caloianul & Co....
Does anyone heard about this dubious tribe of ansenensi?