Re: Seven, eight [was: gWerh3- "to devour"]

From: Sergejus Tarasovas
Message: 15677
Date: 2002-09-22

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> As to the counterexamples to the counterexamples you give above:
> Slav. ablUko, but Baltic *a:bo:l-, with a vowel between *b and the

Not necessarily the case here, but just to warn you:
as is commonly known, (at least East) Baltic has developed an
extensive analogical innovational ablaut, mocking that which
continues that of PIE, but often being indeed an innovation. I listed
one of the examples some time ago
(, but the
exmples can be multiplied nearly ad infinitum, and from the
pessimistic point of view one actually never knows whether he deals
with a direct reflex of something PIE or just with analogical

In Lithuanian we have _obuoly~s_,_óbuolas_,_óbulas_,_óbalas_ 'apple',
_obeli`s_ (G. _obelie~s_) 'apple-tree', and the ablaut variations
here can hardly reflect PIE ones -- some of them must be innovative,
and there's no guarantee it's the _obuoly~s_/_óbuolas_ which are the
older ones, and, considering Old Prussian _woble_ 'apple', one can
suspect _all_ the Lithuanian forms to be innovative (the model for
analogy would be inherited alternations l~ul, ul~uol, l~al/el
operating in other words).