Re: "b" versus "g"

From: tgpedersen
Message: 15651
Date: 2002-09-21

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> > I have in romanian "bine"= good.
> > But I have in sub dialect of romanians the same word whichi is
> > pronounced "ghini"
> > And here I wonder. I should understud if tehre should have
> > been a "vini" a "pini" a labial one .
> > But ghi? How can be such kinds of divagations explained in the
> > same language at all?
> This change, particularly in voiceless consonants, has already been
> described in
> . Indeed the
> latter describes it as a reversal of the change kw > p, though that
> not strictly true.
> Richard.

That's what I'd call a shibboleth-induced retrograde development. ;-)

cf Norwegian kvit, kval; Swedish vit, val; "white", "whale", from an
originally Swedish/Danish shibboleth hw-/w-,
Norwegian "overreacting". There are also examples of Irish converting
Latin words in p- to k-, loans that went through Welsh. Perhaps they
were aware of the p/q thing as a shibboleth between their languages?