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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-20

It isn't the same <yard>. I mean 'yard' = 'stick' (now = '3 feet', < OE gyrd, gerd), which corresponds to Goth. gazds and ON gaððr < *gazd-a-z, OHG gerda. BTW, let me correct an error: the English word < *gazd-j-o: (a "strong" feminine).
The other <yard> 'enclosure, etc.' (now homophonous with the first but < OE geard) corresponds to Goth. gards 'house' and garda 'enclosure, stall', ON garðr 'yard, farm', OHG garto 'garden', etc. < PGmc. *gard-a-z, *gard-o:n-. This is of course the entry you refer to.
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>>They can't be, at any rate, if the latter is related to Goth.
gazds 'goad, prickle' and Eng. yard < PGmc. *gazd-j-o:n 'stick, rod'.

So "The American Heritage..." is wrong connecting Eng. yard with
Goth. gards and deriving it eventually from from *g(^)Her- 'enclose