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Date: 2002-09-19

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Subject: [tied] Romanian ge > $
4. As point 3.

I can't think of any other Romanian examples where I would
expect ge >
$. However, does Latin fri:gidu- 'cold' survive in Romanian?

[Moeller] Yes. It should be the romanian "frig" but there is
no verb of it.. hmm.. you say I am cold, " imi este frig" with
the help of " to be". If you freeze, you will say "degera"
deger, degeri, degera, degeram, degerati, degera " #
cf. DEX , rom " a degera" = lat. degelare.

vowels are not quite the same as in Latin digitu- 'finger', so
may well be some differences. Another possibility is Latin
'stiff', but I would expect that to be *reged if it survives.

this one seems to did not survive. Rigid is a new loan, for
rigid the romanians used and use " tare" = strong. Tare= cf.
DEX lat. talem