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Date: 2002-09-19

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>"a InTelege "= to understand = lat. intelligere will be never
>spoked InTeleje, but this is hard to understand:-)

A lie told out of Nixwissen is a lie though. "întzeleje" is
dialectal pronunciation in all Transylvania, all Banat and 50%
(if not more) of Moldavia on both banks of the Pruth.

Goerge, I have no ideea abotu the Banat you use to give
example. In Transilvania you do not have these forms. In
Banat, I have indeed no idee, I will ask people from Banat.
You got me mega curiously now-

Especially in Transylvania, Banat and Northern Moldavia,
people who speak only their subdialects learn in school and
from the written language that there is also the pronunciation
/dZe, dZi/. In their subdialects there is only this pair /Ze,

$i fa$ii uai? api di când ti poTi dumiri matali ca in $el grai
moldovinesc iasti "/Z/"-ul aista cum zi$i matali minenta$?
Dacâ ti pri$epi poati la banaTeana dumitali, api nu vorbi
rogu-ti di cum si vorghe$ti la Bãt$eni cã stricãm di indat
priete$ugul. Nu $tiu io $i o hi in Banatul di cari tãt mi
zi$i, da nu mã zãpã$i di cap cu urechiatul $esta di /Z/ $i nu
iastã... (Meaning? How can you say about the moldavian
subdialect that it has this /Z/ so how you like to say?If you
have some ideea avout banat dialect of you, then do not speak
please about how it is talking in Boto$sani , otherways we
will suspend our friendship. I dont knowwhat could be in banat
subdialect from which you so much speak, but dont confuse me
with a /Z/ which it is not there..)