Re: *gwistis

From: g
Message: 15592
Date: 2002-09-19

>[Moeller] aham.. latin ege went somehow -eje in romanian.

Not a *Latin* -ege-, but a Romanian one - and in other Romance
idioms as well. You mean the pronunciation /edZe/. The classical
Latin pronunciation would be rendered in Romanian -eghe-
(actually -ighi- since digitus).

>"a InTelege "= to understand = lat. intelligere will be never
>spoked InTeleje, but this is hard to understand:-)

A lie told out of Nixwissen is a lie though. "întzeleje" is the
dialectal pronunciation in all Transylvania, all Banat and 50%
(if not more) of Moldavia on both banks of the Pruth.

Especially in Transylvania, Banat and Northern Moldavia,
people who speak only their subdialects learn in school and
from the written language that there is also the pronunciation
/dZe, dZi/. In their subdialects there is only this pair /Ze, Zi/.

Written language is only one aspect of the language. So, many
conclusions will be flawed if you make them based only on the
written language.