Re: [tied] People who do things in PIE

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-18

The most frequent agent suffix (among quite a few) seems to be *-tor- (fem. *-t(e)r-ih2), but with an intransitive verb like *jah2- (or rather *h1j-ah2-)I'd expect the participial suffix *-ont- to be used: *h1i-ont- is widely attested, and cf. Hittite ijant- 'sheep' (= 'walker' from ija- 'walk').
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Subject: [tied] People who do things in PIE

   Is there a way that can be reconstructed for forming nouns indicating that someone is performing a particular action?  For instance, if we can reconstruct a *jeHa-, "go, travel," is there any way to reconstruct a "traveller?"