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Date: 2002-09-15

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> Of course we have Russian svet and OCS sve^tU, which mean
BOTH 'light' and 'world' and should spare Alex the fare to
Papua New Guinea. Polish s'wiat 'world' and s'wiatl/o 'light'
are related exactly like the Ukrainian words (one could add a
handful of Slavic words for 'dawn'). The whole cluster
reflects PIE *k^wei- 'be bright'. Cross-linguistically, the
words for 'the world' have various semantic connections and an
association with 'light' is anything but extraordinary.
> Lat. lux, lu:na and lu:men are all derivatives of *leuk-
'shine, be white'.
> Piotr

I agree here with *leuk and that From this one could derive
the both words. But not that from "light" you derived "world".
That should be to naive I guess. For slavic: is "lo" in
ukrainian just a suffix or not?I mean is sviatlo a derivation
of sviat?
The same radical for both, with a simultan evolution of two
separated words is OK with me. I am wrong thinking that way?