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From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 15489
Date: 2002-09-14

I read now that the word "light" in romanian is in fact the
word "world", so the best romanian lingusits, Pushcariu & Co.
light= germ. Licht= rom lumina
DEX explains lumina= probable from "lume" because "lume" (old
meaning) meant light.
I take a look at the word lume and I see as fallow:
lume= lat. lumen=world. The word is too find in a lot of
constructions is I guess in every language a very productive
word for expresions
the word "lumina" too, is a word which in every langauge is
used for exprim a lot of expresions.
No one of the senses of lume is the same as the one with the
senses of lumina , even in the examples from DEX.
I begin to guess , somewhere, Reichenkron was indeed right
when he said that the "romanian lingusits try the imposibility
to put everything in the latin segment of the language"
OK, fun is fun. But this not fun anymore. Even the last
eskimos has a worf for world and another for light. Is there
any example from all you know where in a language, no matter
which one, could be even one non IE could be from Papua New
Guinea, is there a language where light=world?

My God. That is the same as with the verb " to think". The
romanian " a gândi" come from hungarian "gond".
I accept alot of stuff as John Normal Buyer, but not such.
Even for "to think"?