Re: [tied] PIE blood

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-14

The basic 'blood' term in PIE is *h1esh2-r/*h1esh2-(e)n- (e.g. Hitt. eshar, eshan-, Skt. ásRk, asnáH, Latv. asinis [pl.], Gk. e:ar). The derivation of <sanguis> is somewhat problematic. One current view, which I, for one, am reluctant to accept, is that it represents *h1sh2(e)n-gW- > *sangW-, the above root with an "extension" allegedly appearing also in Skt. asRk (asRg) < *h1esh2r-gW. This is too convoluted for my taste, which doesn't mean that I have a better idea.
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[Moeller] where the meaning as "letter, sound," should be the
later sense of the word. Thank you for yoor opinion. BTW, have
you tought abut how went from PIE the latin sanguis?