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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-14

This 'spectre' term is, I believe, just a semantic extension of <stihie> meaning 'element, force of nature' = SCr. stihija, Bulg. stixija, all of them reflecting Gk. stoikHeion 'element', cf. English stoichiometry). The word also meant 'letter, sound' (as a component of words), 'basic principle', 'logical step in proof', etc., hence its connection with <stoikHos> 'linear arrangement, course' < *stoigH-o-s, another derivative of the root *steigH-.
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The root is *steigH- 'step up, stride, climb' as in Ger.
steigen or Eng. stile (OE stigel). There are quite a number of
Satem cognates, e.g. Slavic *stIg-/*stIdz- (the palatalisation
here is Slavic, not Satem), Lith. stiga 'path', Skt. stighnoti
'mount', Alb. shteg- 'path, way' < *stoigH-o-s.


interesting. In this case Iask myslef which should be the
connection af another romanian word from the semantic point of
The word is "stihie" , pl=stihii, comme from slav "stihija"
and would means kinda "bad and malicious spirits with very big