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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-13

The root is *steigH- 'step up, stride, climb' as in Ger. steigen or Eng. stile (OE stigel). There are quite a number of Satem cognates, e.g. Slavic *stIg-/*stIdz- (the palatalisation here is Slavic, not Satem), Lith. stiga 'path', Skt. stighnoti 'mount', Alb. shteg- 'path, way' < *stoigH-o-s.
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> All examples from DEX

> stih(sl.stihU)=religious verse

I hope DEX traces it all the way back to Greek stĂ­khos, whence English also
has 'stich', meaning verse.  I can't check whether the PIE root is *steigH
or *steig^H; my Internet link is sick and Onions doesn't give any satem