Re: Dacian Dielina

From: Vassil Karloukovski
Message: 15447
Date: 2002-09-13

--- In cybalist@..., "Richard Wordingham" <richard.wordingham@...>
> > tzelina which means once a plant and once a kind of earth
> > tzelina= latin Apium Graveolens asupposed to be loaned from
> > neo-greek selinon
> > tzelina= land which was never cultived, or which was let for
> > long time uncultived, supposed to be a loan from bulgarian or
> > serbian ( again, these south slavic) "celina"

> It would be interesting to know what the words for 'celery'
> and 'parsley' are in Albanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian.

'tsElina' and 'magdanOz' (Petrosilium sativum), respectively, in

Vassil K.

> conceivable that the unetymological spelling with 'c' in
> French 'céleri' has modified another language's pronunciation,
> that this change has been passed on to Romanian.
> Richard.