Re: Dacian Dielina

From: m_iacomi
Message: 15440
Date: 2002-09-13

George <gs001ns@...> wrote:

> >Latin /d/ at the beginning of a word yields Romanian /d/, /z/
> >(formerly /dz/)
> That's right. "dz" even today in 2 northernmost subdialects
> (Maramuresh and Northern Moldavia).

... only if followed by /i/ or stressed /e/ > /ie/ in Latin words.
If not, it stays /d/: (a) da < donare , Domn < Dominus, (a) duce <
ducere (duco).

> Is this parallel of any help? Rum. "tzarc" (a place surrounded/
> closed by a fence) -- Albanian "thark". (I mean for the assumed
> *ð > tz.)

Albanian "th" is pronounced /th/ (like in "path"). So it would
be a better fit an unvoiced *th > tz.

Marius Iacomi