Re: [tied] Re: where from such informations?

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Date: 2002-09-13

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Subject: [tied] Re: where from such informations?
> I think this theory was discussed on the list long, long
> probably before Message 7100, though I don't remember much
> of actual vocabulary. Awkward clusters like ks- have been
> e.g. in
. Look
> in the message index for follow up discussion; the postings
> listed as 'replies'. And, of course, you might dig
something up out
> of Pokorny.
> Richard.

I am not in the theory interested so much as in these words. I
have no idea where from Duridanov get them . I never found
them in all I read about this subject.
I have so a feeling " they" look like "reconstructed words" or
words which are seen trough "analogie" wih somwthing else.
Unfortunately I dont have the Duridanov's Book, but that ade
me indedd very curiously..