Re: Rum. k' and g' + e/i [Re: -ishte, -eshte]

From: George
Message: 15404
Date: 2002-09-12

> I forgot to say that there in romanan not always went "schi"
>and "sche" but "skî" too. That shows somehow a much distance
>to sht. scînteia, scînci, scîrliontz, scîrba... etc..

That's right. And I told you (twice) that scînteie's older variant
is schinteie, articled schinteia (it also exists as a last name,
Mr & Mrs Schinteie). I mention this because of < Lat. scintilla.

The issue was: (1) scl- > schi; (2) sci-/sce. Of course, other
configurations preserved the sc- (when other vowels + con-
sonants were attached). "scîrba" seems to have had a "skr-"
(Slavic): "scânci" cf. an old Slavic word starting with sky-;
"scâlciat" is transparent s- + calce, disappeared from Romanian,
but other derivations are preserved "cãlca, -t, -re, în+cãltzat,
+cãltzãminte, cãltzun/coltzun" (compare with calzature,
calzone, calcio). (I doubt scârliontz; maybe cârliontz "hair
curl". But even if there is a s+cârliontz, note that there is
neither a *cirl-, nor a *cerl-, nor a *clirl-, nor a *clerl-;
therefore, you can’t get number (1) or number (2).).