Re: [tied] Richard & Georgiev

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 15393
Date: 2002-09-11

Richard, for all reproaches ( you are indeed right here, you
must made them, is not bad that you do them at all)
I just want to tell you something. I dont have simply
elaborated already a system of thracian or dacian or some
balcan language.
I just fallow some thesis from all what is around here.
Latinism, dacian or what ever.
And I compare it with the substratum and , there where I have,
with PIE radicals.
Sure, I am an adept of the assumption that a sedentary folk ,
a folk which has plenty of mountains to live in, it wont
dissapper so easy and it doesnt change so easy its language.
What is maybe to find by migrators, the language adoption, the
bilingvism , is not so easy to do with sedentar people.They
have to be assimilated by a bigger "in number" folk.
I compare the historical records and I see the sieve of weak
points , points so weak even in the latinism of the romanian
And of course I compare the differences of the Roman Empire
with the Ottoman Empire
Why one succeded to latinize and the other did not succede to
make them all turkish?
At least in Balcan, the turks were in some places longer as
the latins.Why then nothing more as some loans?Why do we have
to think the old population was so stupid or ready to make
something at the time, things which the same population was
not more able or willing to do it some centuries later..?.
There are many , many components and me, now, at this time I
cannot say "I got it."
I feel it, I smell it, I move around, but I dont get it. Maybe
is nothing to get. Maybe it is . Today I am far away from a
definite shape of a language.
But I decided that the best way I can do, is to take the
substrate . Because the many words there are similar with
latin but they could not derive from latin, and because they
are very few changed in comparation with PIE radicals.
And I keep in mind that, as the PIE radicals were builded, or
identifyed , the words from the substratum of romanian
language played no role in the minds of the people who
reconstructed these radicals.
But there are romanian words from substratum very alike to
these radicals. And here is the begin for me.
If in a language the fonetism works constant for all words,
then the correct romanian fonetic rules, are the rules from
PIE to the words from substratum.
Because on this substratum developed ( if) the words which are
considered to be latin.And the loaned words were "modified"
after the rules of the speaker of the old unknown language.
And here is the work to do.This is my opinion about and I can
be damm very wrong. But it worths a try . At least a try .