"da~$kide" [Re: -ishte, -eshte]

From: George
Message: 15379
Date: 2002-09-11

>[Moeller] daschide = YES da$chide= NO. I am afraid some people
>from George's subdialect were the people you heard speaking
>with "sh". In Bucharest are a lot of people from every part of
>the country, and a lot from other countries too :-)

Come on, stop it. You're misleading people here who might
be interested in Romanian language aspects. If you don't know,
then own up to it - you won't lose any "Zacken" of your crown.
(There is a simple explanation: you had never paid attention
to these petty things before your... "revelation" that prompted
you to have this hobby-horse: "Romanian is no Romance idiom".)

>[Moeller] I dont try to convinge no one but myself.And grevis
>is not gravis.

But if you see examples that illustrate transitions such as "au > eu"
and "eu > au" is it that difficult to you to conclude something that's
a step farther than "And grevis is not gravis"?

>I have no ideea if for other romance language

Now that's bad, indeed. :))

>[Moeller] Yeap. I told once, i say once again "Meyer-Lübke-demonstration"

Jeez, it's... zum Mäuse Melken! :) But if that "greu" in another
Romance idiom could very well have been derived from "gravis",
then why can't you ask yourself "Is it possible/Why is it impossible
for the Romanian "greu" to have the same origin?" Only as a thought.
No more than that (Mr Vinereanu won't get offended :).