Re: Caucasian Alania?

From: Christopher Gwinn
Message: 15356
Date: 2002-09-10

> The Alans took part in the breaking up of Rome. In the mid 5th
> century, they crossed the Rhine with several Germanic tribes. They
> took part on the Roman side in the battle against the Huns on the
> Catalaunian fields. Part of them ended up in Portugal where they
> formed a kingdom which was destroyed by the Goths. Part of them
> to North Africa with the Vandals to set up a state there which was
> destroyed by the East Roman emperor Justinian. Another contingent
> Alans ended in China where several are found hundred years later
> imperial civil servants. The Alans' other name was A:s.

Yes, well, I am quite aware of the history of the Alans - but I am
seeking information on the medieval kingdom of Alania (which I
believe was in the Caucasus), thus my question to the list.

- Chris Gwinn