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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-09

Adjectival *-isko- or *-sko- (Slavic *-Isko-, Germanic *-(i)ska-) is cognate to PIE noun-forming *-(i)sko- (used chiefly in diminutives and other expressive formations), but was vanishingly rare in Latin. Its reintroduction in Romance is no doubt due to the influence of Germanic (in Italian, French, etc.) and Slavic (in Romanian, along with the related adverbial suffix). The suffix was highly functional, hence its attractiveness as a loan (cf. the wide diffusion of Latin -a:rius and Gk. -izo:). It was Latinised early, giving Med. Lat. -isc- as in <franciscus>.
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Here: would someone pls give a few details on the IE *-isk. (the Rum. adverbial -e$te < Rum. adjectival -esc, much like Engl./Fr. -esque & Ital. -esco)