Re: [tied] De Vulgari Regularitate (earlier: substratums)

From: richardwordingham
Message: 15307
Date: 2002-09-09

--- In cybalist@..., CeiSerith@... wrote:
> That could be its source. I just think it sounds pretty. I was
> interested to note that Scottish English doesn't pluralize nouns
> numbers; that seems like such a sensible thing. I know that this
is common
> in Celtic languages; would the Scots have picked it up from the
Gaels, or is
> there a good English explanation for it?

Persian also uses the singular with numbers, though it can spoil the
pattern by inserting a word ('nafar' for animate nouns, 'ta:' for
inanimate nouns) between the numeral and the noun. However, this
might be the result of Turkic influence; Turkish does not add the
plural ending to nouns after numbers either.