Brezeanu Ursus

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Message: 15294
Date: 2002-09-08

Fragment from the post with the work of Mr. Brezeanu

"Having the anthroponymy of the embassies' members sent by
Boris to Rome and Constantinople, we concluded that the Zar in
Pliska negotiated with the Pope through the agency of subdues
having typical Romanic names (Ursus, Martinus, and maybe
Cerbula), while he envoys messengers having Greek names to the
basileus (Alexios and Stasis / Anastasios)"

From the three names there for the "romanic" people one could
for sure said it is a latin name and this one is "Ursus"
The Martinus, I dont know, maybe you can say better. I dont
guess that the simply sufix "us" make from this a latin name,
but it could be.
I have trouble with the last one.
Because this has some problematic.
In romanian cerb=stag is supposed to come from latin cervus
and there are some difficulties for making it indeed a latin
word.But this is not the principal trouble here. The name of
the man is "Cerbula"
And it make to me immediately the connection to the veritable
dacian name "Gerula"
Or Cerbul is still today as family name in romanian to find
and, more , we have this "la" there. Normaly this is a sufix
for feminine, but was there indeed an "a" or not, we cannot
know exactly now.
The words Gerula and Cerbula let say Gerul and Cerbul are to
find even today usualy in the romanian language, the first,
gerul= frost supposed to come from latin "gelu" and about the
second I explained already.