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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-08

Hey, who refuses to respect facts? First of all, the Castamonitu monastery on the island of Athos was attacked _during_ the eighth century, not _before_ it, by an alliance involving several ethnic groups, one of them being named as "Blacoryncini" (Blakorunkinoi) (if I remember correctly) in a still later source that recounts those events. There is no mention of Blachernae there, let alone a connection being made between Blachernae and the Vlachs. As far as I remember, the river Rhyncus is located in Chalcidice, and the name Blacoryncini _may_ mean 'Vlachs living on the Rhyncus' (as opposed to other "Rhyncians"). Even if the identification is correct, we are _not_ dealing with pre-metathesis times, and those putative Proto-Romanians make their d├ębut in northern Greece, not in modern Romania.
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[Moeller] the source is Kastamonitu. And "us" let me correct
it in "me".We got the word Blachernae by Kastamonitu and that
before the slavic methathesis. This is a fact and that is all.
The slavic methathesis is not attested until 8 centruies, so
there is the date of it. If this is true, then Blach is not a
slavic issue. Out of question.