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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-08

This suffix resulted from morphological reanalysis in reletively recent times. The original "made-of" suffix is -(e)n from PGmc. *-i:n-, as in <golden> (arch. <gülden>). <kupfern> or <silbern> are of course based on <Kupfer> and <Silber> and should be cut into <kupfer-n> and <silber-n> accordingly. <eisern> is a haplological shortening of expected *eisern-en from OHG i:sarn-i:n (Goth. eisarn-ein-s). Since a number of such adjectives ended in <-ern>, the native speakers' Sprachgefühl converted it into a productive suffix.
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How about the German "-ern", as in "ehern/eisern, stählern,
blechern, kupfern, bleiern..." (= made of these metals or