Re: [tied] Toponymy and ethnic Realities at the Lower Danube by Bre

From: george knysh
Message: 15244
Date: 2002-09-07

--- alexmoeller@... wrote:
> Toponymy and ethnic Realities at the Lower Danube
> in the 10th Century.
> "The deserted Cities" in the Constantine
> Porphyrogenitus'
> De administrando imperio
> Stelian Brezeanu,
> University of Bucharest
******GK: In my view, these "ruined cities" were not
located along the Dnister, but on the Lower Dnipro (as
indicated in other manuscripts of DAI cited in the
Jenkins apparatus). The whole area was known as the
"Bi(e)loberezhya" (the "white shore") in the time of
Constantine VII and Svyatoslav. They were in fact the
remnants of the cities of Scythia (later also known as
the "Ulch grads" since they were controlled by the
Ulch Huns in the 5th-6th cs.) Brezeanu's article may
have interesting contributions as to other things, but
I believe that he is off the mark entirely with
respect to the geographical issue.******

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