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in the 8th century, Bulgaria was
> occupied by the Rhékinos, the Blakhorékhinos and the
> Sagudateos.>
> [Moeller] Question: is there any connection to do with the
> valachians?
> Blakhorekhinos=?

could "Blachern" mean in Germanic? And would the "Blach"
Vlach) element have anything to do with the "foreign word"?
I.e. that
this "Blachern" would have been named so because of a Roman
(to the
Goths) mother or something of that nature? Is this at all

[Moeller] how you see George these are such thingies who make
me to say that volcae=vlah & stuff. There are too many
axceptions with this funny valahians and I have had the
feeling there was a too quick try to put all on the aparition
of the slavs.
And strange is that the old slavic influence in romanian are
very small , but the so called "bulgarian" influence is big.
I will post the whole text someone on another list gave to us.
There are some passages from the Connstantine Profirogenetus
which tell us about the cities from the north of Danube in the
time of pecengs. Belive be, it is indeed the hot stuff what
Mr. Brezeanu Stelian has there with the "deserted cities" in
the "Toponymy and ethnic realities at the lower Danube in the
10 Century."
I will post that now, I guess it Is very interesting. And
change a lot about the idea that the bizantine chronicars were
all "romantics" and used obsolete therms..