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Date: 2002-09-06

An anonymous writer of the 7th century, whose notes were
preserved in the monastery of Kastamonitu (on the island of
Athos) is writing about the era of the destruction of
paintings (717-843).
According to his notations, in the 8th century, Bulgaria was
occupied by the Rhékinos, the Blakhorékhinos and the
Sagudateos.Advancing further, they took possession of
Macedonia and reached Athos,the holy mountain, where they were
baptized by the monks. Given the late date of the reference we
cannot vouch for its accuracy but, it is likely, that the
author relied on earlier sources. Earliest note of the
Sagudateos - Saguditae - at the Southern region of the Balkan
Peninsula is taken at the beginning of the 7th century in
connection with "The miracles of Saint Demetrius" (recorded in

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