Re: Piotr and the Dacians :-)

From: George S t a n a
Message: 15172
Date: 2002-09-06

>[Moeller] yeap. And the olah did not maghyarized.. Why?

Actually, highly numerous Romanians got magyarized. The Romanian
nobility completely. Many Romanians were magyarized quite
recently, in the 19th century.

> > Roughly the modern territory of Macedonia, southern Serbia
>and western Bulgaria. That's what I'd put my money on. The
>Albanians also originated somewhere within this area.
>[Moeller] because of "Durmitor and the rest of toponimes more
>there and beacuse there should be found Albanians of course.

Papperlapapp! As a true Traco-Dacist worshipper, you should
point out that the relevant territory also comprised Moesia Inferior
and Moesia Superior and perhaps Dardania (mentioning that roughly in
Moesia Superior once Roman authorities established the administrative
entities known as Dacia Mediterranea and Dacia Ripensis). So, plenty
of vital space down to the so-called Jirecek Line, even for the
Southern Romanians (aka Aromanians and Meglenites) who in later
times "popped up" even in territories beyond the Jirecek Line. (And
that mountain peak called Durmitor is far away, in a north-western
part of the peninsula, in Yugoslavia.)

>I will sugest you to take a look at how old are the qwords which
>are common in romanian and albanian. This will show you for
>yourself that we have here pre-roman times.

Your recommendation is superfluous: you've already been told on
this list (as well) that the common Romanian-Albanian vocabulary
is seen as remnants of an ancient idiom spoken in the area.

>For a John Normal Buyer as me, I have to hear what say a lingvist
>sometimes :-))

For whom repetitio mater studiorum non est. ;)

>[Moeller]you will tell me thath "th" and "dh" of allbanias is
>related to romanian?Do you really talk about the fonetism of
>the romanian and albanian language? Have you heard an albanian
>speaking in his native language? But a romanian? So "maza:re"

[Am Thema vorbei, meen Jong! :-]

[Moeller] naparca is the usual word for serpent my dear.

A snake. (Call a boa or an anaconda serpents.)

>1) lat. Anguis Fragilis, lizard
>2) popular=viper Expr. "pui de naparca"= very bad guy
>3) a small and thin boat for navigation. mm. there is a sens
>more I will tell you in erman, my english let me die here.

Add that it has a correspondent in Albanian: ne(t)përkë.

>About the rest of toponyms and hydronims. Do you will let me
>post a big map here on files? Is indeed 1,5 MB but a excelent
>quality. You will see for yourself. May I?

For what reason? Those who contest the continuity of Romanians
in certain territories of former Dacia assert that Romanians
learnt those hydronyms and topoyms from others. So, this is
where you oughta put something on the display exclaiming
"Wach yer man!" The mere existence of them toponyms hasn't
been denied by anybody so far.