Lat. Rivus

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 15159
Date: 2002-09-06

I think this word is too an intersting one.
In all romance language it seems this word is the one who is
the word for the actualy word "river"
Question for spanish speakers:
In romanian it is said that the "v" betwen two vowels
sincoped. Example lat. rivus>rom. râu
Does in spanish too the rule applies? I thinq now at spanish
Rio, this why I ask.

The second question is indeed nice. In romanian is a word for
a small river , german "bach", english "brook" and this is
called "pârâu".
And the ethymology of this one is in romanian not latin but
We have too in albanian the word "pe:rua" which means too
Ideeas about?