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In linguistics, a "productive" suffix (e.g. a productive
diminutive suffix) is a
suffix which continues to be used in the formation of new
composite words. If
you take a reecent word (e.g. televizor), and add -tz to it
(*televizortz), the
result is not an acceptable Romanian word. Therefore, -tz is
*not* a productive
suffix in Romanian. The productive dimunitive suffix for
feminine nouns is, I
believe, -itza (another Slavic borrowing), but I'm not sure
what it is for
masculine nouns...

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal

[Moeller]scârtz was just a jocke here. The playing card was
off topic in this case "ete"="iata"=look here.

But , even if obwiously many romanian words end in "tz" we
cannot say that the tz" is a suffix for masculine in romanian.
For feminine, you are right, thisis the "itza". And play j u s
t ( after some exemple I tought about) the role for formating
diminutive. Is in slavic too for forming diminiutives?
The masculine and neutral equivalent of "-itza" for
diminutives is in this case"-utz" cui=cuiutz

For me personaly the diminutives of romanian is too a very
interesting aspect because there are really a l o t , but
indeed a l o t of modalities to construct them.
From the several lanaguages I speak, I dont know one to be so
rich in the way to make such dimntives. About german at least,
I should say is a very poor one with "chen" and "lei" as only
forms for making diminutives.
Person name masculine= Ion
Cases of diminutives: Ionel, Ionitzã, Ionicã
Person name feminine: Maria
Diminutives: Marioara, Mariuca,Mãriutza
For things in feminineFurca= furculitza , lingura=linguritza,
"el" or "ior"ciorap=ciorapel= ciorapior, pantof=pantofior
( here pantofel sounds strange, unnaturaly), cojoc=cojocel (
here cojacior sounds unnaturaly)
miel=lamb= mielutz, mielushel
copil=copilash , copilandru( utz doesnt sound naturaly here
for copilutz) but for feminine copila=copilitza=copilandra

Grrrr, there are indedd too much, I could give just a part of
Maybe it is worth that a romanian linguist will make a study
about it..