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From: Miguel Carrasquer
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Date: 2002-09-05

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>> The suffix is -IcI. As far as I know, zo~bIcI (> Bulg.
>z&b&c), from zo~bU (>
>> Bulg. z&b), would have had o-grade, so the /i/ in Rom. zimtz
>is not expected.
>> The loss of yer is regular in the Slavic oblique cases
>(zOb&c, zObca), but I
>> imagine also in Romanian if the word was borrowed as an
>u-stem (*'z&mb&tzu >
>> zimtz).
>[moeller] pacalici, (remember please of latin pacalis:-),
>zgribulici, aici, ici ( the short form of aici=here),
>somnorici and so on.. there are too much to put them here.
>In the rumanian "ici " has as aufix more an diminutival role.
>But not every whee: bici, shorici are normal substantives
>where it seems that "ici " is not a suffix at all.

Slavic <c> is pronunced /ts/.

The Latin diminutive suffix -icus is etymologically related to Slavic -IcI (<

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal