Re: Keeping up, barely :-)

From: George S t a n a
Message: 15101
Date: 2002-09-04

>And why didn't romanianize those Szeklers and Hungarians
>in Transylvania? What do you think?
>[Moeller] because of the same reason why the arumanians did
>not became at all slavs. These enclaves show how wrong the
>theory of assimilation is.

Wrong. The Hungarians and the Szeklers were the ruling
nations (actually, one nation) in Transylvania. Whereas
Romanians weren't recognized as a nation. Quite the opposite
occurred: many Romanians were assimilated by Hungarians
and esp. by Szeklers (this you can even see in the names of
some political leaders of this minority in Romania today, e.g.
Frunda, Patrubányi, Kozsokár < Frun(d)zã, PatruBani, Cojocar(u)).

>That shows that the linguistcs model of assimilations have no
>proof in reality.

You wish you knew how reality looks like...