Re: [tied] Keeping up, barely :-)

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 15096
Date: 2002-09-04

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Subject: Re: [tied] Keeping up, barely :-)

> Piotr I am just one who said out what he thinks. And if the linguists are not able to resolve my problem, I have to belive what I like.
Sorry, we've done our best. If it's the kind of problem that linguists cannot solve, you should certainly look for professional help or advice in some other quarters.

> ... Show me an another way and I will never run away. I will read, I will compare, I will look at your examples and I will make up my mind.
Looking for information or for a guru?
> I am a man of XXI century ...
So are we all. We've been that for twenty months now.
> ... and I doubt even about God. Is my properly right to doubt. And about people , even
linguists, maybe more as I doubt about the job of the bricklayers.
You're welcome (I'm speaking for myself only, not for God).
> If someone is not able to show me an another way, I can just belive Vinereanu. Am I wrong here Sirs?
Believe him by all means. You have been warned, but I can see nothing will stop you anyway.