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>Somehow these people must got there. When did the tartar
>invasion have been?1212 AC? wow, they did not romanized at
>all? I do not belive it:-))))))))))

And why didn't romanianize those Szeklers and Hungarians
in Transylvania? What do you think? (As for the few Tartars
that remained scattered in Moldavia or Wallachia, they were
assimilated immediately, unlike those in Dobrudja, that, as
you very well know, was since prince Mircea cel Batran until
the 80s of the 19th century a Turkish province.)

[Moeller] because of the same reason why the arumanians did
not became at all slavs. These enclaves show how wrong the
theory of assimilation is. The modern state in West and
specialy in East, tried the best they could do to assimilate
the minorities. They couldnt do it. With deportations,
killing, arrest, sperading them , moving folks, puting them
together and so on.. It is a failure. Even today we have it.
Romanians in ukraine, ungarian in romania, slovenian ther,
serbs there, albanian there greeks there, aromanian there..
grr.. are too much:-)
That shows that the linguistcs model of assimilations have no
proof in reality. That is a wishfull thinking . And such
arguments were too arguments who woke up the little curios
devil who was sleeping inside me:-)