Re: [tied] When did Rumanians show up in Rumania en masse?

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-04

What do they say that contradicts George's observation? The event described by Ioannes Skylitzes (where the Vlachs are mentioned for the very first time) took place in what is now northern Greece, close to its Macedonian and Albanian borders. What later authors testify to is the gradual expansion of the Vlachs northwards, presumably as a consequence of the stabilisation of Byzantine control south of the Danube. By all accounts, the twelfth-century Vlachs were a significant ethnic factor in Danubian Bulgaria, as George said, but their colonisation of modern Romania was to gain momentum a little later.
P.S. Alexei and Miguel... Were there Russian and Spanish Comneni? Please pay at least a little attention to your spelling. We're all guilty of occasional typos, but you mass-produce them.
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[George Knysh wrote:]
>  Now obviously not everything in the historical
>  reconstructions of the Old Ukrainian Chroniclers
>  passes muster. But their perspective as to the
>  situation in the early 12th c. tends to support the
>  position that mass Rumanian colonization of their
>  current territory is a relatively late phenomenon.

[Moeller] see for it the entries Johan Skylitzes, Kendrenos,
Kekaumenos, Kalkokondiles , the crusades of Friederich
Barbarossa and not at least the wars of Alexei and Miguel
Komnenus against hungarian kingdom  for seeing what about the