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Date: 2002-09-04

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> --- "Rex H. McTyeire" <rexbo@...> wrote:
> > From a few recent digests:
> >
> > Miguel suggests that the Pecheneg and Cuman ... umm
> > ....left.
> >
> > They are still here and identifiable, in communities
> > and mixed in with
> > others regionally, while they are no longer self
> > identifying.
> *****GK: What exactly are you saying? That Pechenegs
> and Cumans (Polovtsi) still exist in Rumania, although
> they don't know that is what they are? But others do
> know that is what they are? Or: they really know that
> they are Pecheneg and Cumans, but for some reason
> don't want to self-identify as such? I want to get
> this right before continuing...(:=)))******
[Moeller] he said in romania are tartars as a group of its own
, turks as a group of its own, shekels as a group of its own
when the hungarian want let them be so:-)
No joke, the shekelrs mean they are not hungaryans , the
hungaryan means they are, but this is not a trouble, just a
point of view.
Somehow these people must got there. When did the tartar
invasion have been?1212 AC? wow, they did not romanized at
all? I do not belive it:-))))))))))
None of these people identifies themself as cuman, pechengs or
avars ( some people suppose the shekelers are the old avars) .
So far I know they identify them with actually folks which are
alive and not dead folks. But I cann grab about if you like.