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>What about încheia , încuia, închide and , with a bit
>indulgence and "închega".

Perhaps you have access to a Romanian etymological dictionary,
I haven't.
Închide I explained. Încheia is clearly from cheie "key"
[clave > cl^ave >
Arom. cl^ae > chiae > chiee > Rom. cheie].

how we see we have here everywhere words composed witha
prefix "în" and the root. I will give the DEX explanation for
the word and the root with its explanation from DEX

incheia=from latin inclavare
cheie= from lat. clavis
inchide=from lat. includere
incuia=from lat. incuncare
cui=lat cuneus
inchega= from lat in-coagulare
cheag=from lat. *clagum

I should like to mention that for "inchide, incuia" there is
the verb " a zãvorî"which is supposed to ber from slavic
For "zãu" I should like to tell you a nice feminine word which
is "zânã" supposed to come from latin . Dianna... nice try...
zânã= mithological feminine person like a fee. She cann be god
or bad one.