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Date: 2002-09-03

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>a include "to include" is a borrowing from Latin inclu:dere.
>a închide "to shut in" is inherited from Latin inclu:dere.

An interesting... hybridization is "a conchide" = to conclude.
Especially in the most recent times, more and more people
have used "a conclude", not being satisfied by the...
Romanianized "a conchide". Earlier you had "concluzie"
(conclusion), but only the verb "a conchide". I wonder
what kinda verb would be yanked from "ocluzie": "*a oclude"
or "*a ochide". We'll wait and see what "vox populi" is up to.

that is a problem of the "elevated class", lol.
The peasent will say " hai sa terminãm odata" and he will not
make up his mind how to speak out foreign words for
"romanizing " them:-)