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From: João Simões Lopes Filho
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Date: 2002-09-01

It´s an odd sugestion, but ... how about something like *Xwolxis?
Xw could > Kh in Greek or > V .
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> I re-read the Tristes ( II 191) from Ovid and I get an
> interesting passage where something is very strange.
> "Iazyges et Colchi Metereaque turba Getaeque Danuvii mediis
> vix prohibentur aquis.."
> The name "colchi" -so far i know - was a name which described
> in generally all the nations from north and east of the Black
> Sea. So far I remember we find this name at Vergilius too ( or
> was this one Horatius? ).I have here two questions, one from
> histroical point of view, an another from lingvistic point of
> view:
> 1) when does the term "colchi" appears for last time in
> ancient sources?
> 2) what chances are there that "colchi" became "volchi" and
> later "Vlochi" in the slavic languages?
> If there is any chance for the transformation C>B or C>V in
> slavic languages, then we have no dificulty anmore because
> "ol">"lo" in slavics without troubles., then I guess there is
> a very interesting path.
> regards
> a. moeller
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