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Date: 2002-09-01

In the ancient times, the Carpathian Mountains were meant to
be the Caucasian Mountains. Therefore, the country called
"Colchis" appers to be sittuated at the downside of the Ister.
I will give some references here:
Apollodori, Apolloni Rhodii, Ed. Didot 1878
Orpheus - Argonautica, Ed. Schneider, Jenae 1803
Diodori Siculi lib. IV c. 40
Philostephani Cyrennei fragmentum 37 in Fragm. Hist. graec.
Vol. III ( Edit. Didot), page 34
Even Strabon, Plinius make the same mention, lalizing Colchis
in that region and not in the today Caucasus.
Strabon Geographia lib. I 2.39
Plinius H. N. lib. XXXIII, 15
So , the greografical dates fits too with colchi/valahians
It is openwho and how did c>b or what a "c" was this one
because the word is exactls the word which was borowed by