Re: [tied] De Vulgari Regularitate (earlier: substratums)

From: Daniel Dubowy
Message: 14844
Date: 2002-08-30

--- CeiSerith@... wrote:
> I have been known to say "shoon" for the plural
> of "shoe" (and I have no
> clue as to how to spell it) just because I think it
> is pretty. My family has
> gotten used to it, and I try not to say it to
> outsiders. I was shocked,
> therefore, to hear someone else use it recently. I
> wonder if any
> irregularities are kept for aesthetic reasons. It
> would be tough to prove, I
> would think.

Could it be that you're speaking Scottish English?
Only last week I read an article where it is said the
following (about Scottish English):

Pluralization can also vary from Standard English:
eyes becomes "een" and shoes become "shuin." Nouns of
measure remain unchanged in the plural, so "two miles"
becomes "twa mile" and "five pounds" is "five pun."

The complete article can be found at:

and is called

If they leer at your lugs, your ears may blush
Montreal Gazette
Saturday, August 24, 2002

> David Fickett-Wilbar

Daniel Dubowy

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