[tied] Re: Cimmerians

From: tgpedersen
Message: 14836
Date: 2002-08-30

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> ******GK: One thing perhaps worth remembering. The
> Crimean mountains (and to some extent southern
> seashore), over the millenia, became refuges for a
> variety of
ethnoi, not
> ethna ( a kind of mini-Caucasus though not
> as stabilized). No one has yet been able to decisively
> identify the ethnic and linguistic appurtenance of the
> "Tauri" (no relation to the Taurisci),
Why not? The times match (almost); Tauri disappear
200 BCE, Taurisci appear 250-225 BCE. See the ethnohistory
link I sent to Alex.

> though
> Trubachov has recently surmised, on the basis of his
> toponymical investigations, that they might possibly
> have been related to the Sinds and Maeotians, and thus
> have been a remnant of the Indo-Aryans here. But not
> all agree with him on this. *****
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