Re: [tied] Re: Cimmerians

From: george knysh
Message: 14832
Date: 2002-08-30

--- alexmoeller@... wrote:
> A personal opinion: for one who seen Sarmizegetusa
> Regia is
> astonishing the similarity from the big sanctuary of
> Sarmizegetusa and this one from Cimmerian Kerson.
> Hmm, what
> did I say before?The cimbri are not my thing? Of
> course not,
> but the cimmerians for sure ,at least from now
> on.Specialy
> when I see such toponims as Malorosso in a cimmerian
> region.
> And Herodot said they should be thracians. And
> Malorosso means
> nothing in Iranian?hmm.. In certain "romance"
> language it
> does:-)
> BTW, Maybe has Goerge some toponims more?:-))

******GK: One thing perhaps worth remembering. The
Crimean mountains (and to some extent southern
seashore), over the millenia, became refuges for a
variety of ethna ( a kind of mini-Caucasus though not
as stabilized). No one has yet been able to decisively
identify the ethnic and linguistic appurtenance of the
"Tauri" (no relation to the Taurisci), though
Trubachov has recently surmised, on the basis of his
toponymical investigations, that they might possibly
have been related to the Sinds and Maeotians, and thus
have been a remnant of the Indo-Aryans here. But not
all agree with him on this. *****

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